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Powerpoint recordings with narration are the most common form of ‘Enhanced podcasts’. PC & Mac each have their own unique software for their creation.


Camtasia - PC based Camtasia Studio has an application that installs itself into the PPT tool bar to facilitate PPT recording sessions. If some basic editing is needed, it can be done through Camtasia Studio.

A tutorial on it’s use can be found through this link.

Profcast - Mac based Profcast allows you to perform the same functions as Camtasia, except with a Mac. It will record a PPT application and then allow you to edit in Garageband if necessary. The cost is minimal, around $30

Before starting on the creation of PPT/Enhanced podcasts, take a few moments and review our tutorial on the proper creation of PPT slides that best adapt themselves to the conversion process.

Click here for Software used for Enhanced Podcasts with Images



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